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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a science that uses physical postures (asana), meditation, as well as practicing several different breathing techniques to bring together the body, mind and spirit, promoting the health, balance and well-being of the practitioner. As this internal union is established, a greater sense of oneness with the external is also created as the practitioner begins to see how truly everything is all interconnected.

Our mission here at Umoja Yoga is to promote the fusion of the body, mind and spirit through the practice of Yoga postures, meditation, living mindfully and in equanimity with all that is. We offer energizing, balancing, renewing and restorative Yoga classes to our students, ensuring that this is done safely. Our instructors are certified in 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Our aim is to provide content that is educative, motivating, uplifting, healing and restorative to improve our practitioner’s quality of life.

Balance is the Key.


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