About Me

I started practicing Yoga in 2007 as a weight loss technique after I had practically tried everything on my journey to get back to being healthy. After building a consistent practice, I discovered that the benefits of yoga ran more than just physical. I was relieved of my sciatica and lower back issues, lost weight and felt more balanced, at peace with and within myself than I had in years. At that point, I signed up for teacher training and begun my journey as a yoga teacher for more in-depth knowledge of the practice.

In November 2010, I completed my 200 hours of rigorous yoga training under the guidance of E-RYT Sheri Cherokee and Tej Monga at Namah Shivaya Yoga Training in Dallas, TX, expanding my knowledge on Yoga philosophy, as well as movement of the body and the spirit. I have been teaching ever since.

This practice has become a personal foundation for my health, happiness and contentment. My passion for sharing Yoga with others stems from my personal experience with its power to ease stress, strengthen and relax the body, calm the mind, create flow and ease in daily life, and, most of all, bring joy,  which are the building blocks of my personal and teaching practice.

I hope that you can join me in our practice.



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